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6 Hour online Adult classes to get Driving Permit 
(if over 18 years of age)

Please visit 
Roadworthy Driving Academy
Go to Class Info, Adult Driving Education, then Adult Course Online

          DRIVING EDUCATION COURSE   (min 15 yrs old) 

The course includes 32 hours of Classroom (2 hrs per day), written permit test (given to student in our facility after Day 3), and 7 Driving lessons in our car with our state certified instructor (after student is issued permit by DPS). 
Click on Texas Laws for DPS appointment instructions.

To Pre-Register, click on the button below & fill out all of the fields in the form. You will receive classroom details before the class start date. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A JOT FORM AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR REGISTRATION. 

Course cost is $400. $100 payment is required on the 1st day of class and balance due by last day of classroom or before permit certificate is picked up from our office.  See Payments page for payment options.
 Permit fee at DPS: $16 (if under 18) $33 (if over 18)
 Schedule2drive.com (one time fee): $10
 Fuel Fee $3 for each driving lesson ($21 total)

    ​           2022 Classroom Schedule (16 days for 2 hrs)
         Start Date                Class time                    End Date

        Aug 22                     5 pm - 7 pm                   Sept 15

        Sept 6                     7 PM - 9 PM                   Sept 29

        Sept 19                    5 pm - 7 pm                   Oct 13

        Oct 3                       7 PM - 9 PM                   Oct 27        


   Classroom dates and times are subject to change due to Covid-19

Driving Instruction (7 sessions)
Driving instruction with our instructors begins after student is paid in full, passes DPS written permit test, receives learners permit from DPS and is registered on schedule2drive.com. Students may begin driving appointments before classroom ends.

Per the state of Texas, parents must complete an additional 30 hours of driving with their student.  Parent practice may begin after student's first driving instruction with our school.  All 30 practice hours with parent must be completed before last driving session with our school. At least 10 of these hours must be at night.

Students in classroom March 1, 2020 to current, have 9 months from the 1st day of class to complete classroom, behind-the-wheel with our instructor and parent practice hours to avoid an additional fee of $100.00 to re-contract. 

Students under age 18 must hold permit for 6 months, be at least 16 years old, complete classroom, behind-the-wheel with our instructor and parent hours to be eligible to test for their license.

DPS Driving exam is available through our school after completing the program and meeting the minimum requirements per the state. See 3rd Party Road Test for additional details. 

Driving Instruction Only  (see payment page for cost)
7 hrs behind the wheel
(must have valid Texas driving permit & completed 32 hrs of classroom).

Adult Driving Instruction       
(2 hour min & must have driving permit)

Adult DPS (3rd party) driving test    
(includes use of our car)

Adult Classroom Education Course  

32 hours of class = 2 hours per day for 16 days

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   Driver Education Checklist

 1. Classroom/Permit test 

 2. Set DPS appointment (see Texas Laws)

 3. Get Verification of Enrollment from student's high school, if       under age 18.

 4. Pick up Permit Certificate from our office 
    (Mon to Thurs, 3 to 8 pm)

 5. Get learner's permit issued at DPS (by appointment only) 

 5. Create a schedule2drive.com account 

 6. Meet your instructor at our facility on time with your permit

 7. Practice at home after each driving lesson 

 8. Complete course (class, driving instruction & parent hours) within 9 months from the 1st day of class

 9. Watch Impact video on distractions (per the state) after course is completed.

 10. Test for a driver's license if course completed and held permit for at least 6 months (if under 18).