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We still take our students on the highway and downtown. They need all the experience they can get. With the new law starting on September 1, 2013, all Parents have to give their child an additional 30 hours of driving instead of 20 hours. The 30 hours consist of 20 daytime hours and 10 night time hours and only one hour per day counts. Parents will be able to log in on Schedule2Drive to record their hours and print this out to give to the Department of Public Safety. If you click on Texas Education Standard located in the second paragraph in blue that is underlined it is your guideline to follow. By following their guideline you will save time by not being turned away and having to return with your printout corrected. 
  Requirements for DPS Driving Test at our driving school

​   IF
        1. Completed classroom and behind the wheel hours with instructor and parent (if under 18)
        2. are at least 16 years of age and had valid learner license (permit) for a minimum of 6 months & not expired (expires on                  18th birthday)
        3. If over 18, must have completed 6 hour adult online course and have valid learner license
       1. Must complete ITTD video on distractions (required by DPS)
    (Video must be watched after completion of Drivers Education. See instructions below.)
       2. Take ITTD Certificate, permit & payment into our office prior to scheduling Driving Exam. 
    ($50 test fee for students, $60 test fee for adults)
            (fee includes driving test in our car, our insurance & forms for DPS)

     1. Parent/guardian signature and driver license number are required on or before day of driving test, (if under 18 years old)
     2. Must have permit and be on time for driving test (check in with office at time of appointment).  A $25 fee will be             charged for re-tests and no shows.

 For DPS (after driving test): 
   1. Driving school Completion packet (if student)
   2. Social Security #
   3. New VOE form (verification of enrollment) from school within 30 days (unless you are at least 18 years of age & if graduated         must provide diploma)
   4. DPS license fee.

   How to view DPS ITTD video for driving test

  1. Go to https://impacttexasdrivers.dps.texas.gov
  2. Select Impact Texas Young Drivers for appropriate age group, 16-17 or 18-24
  3. Click on REGISTER & enter all your personal information
  4. Driver Education Type, select Licensed
  5. Enter School License number C1595
  6. Save information, watch video and print certificate (or e-mail to [email protected])
  7. Take valid permit, payment and video certificate to Judson Driving School to schedule                driving test. 

Please note: if testing at DPS, Teenage Drivers completion certificate will be available in our office 
48 hours after requested.