Requirements to schedule driving test at our school for students age 16-17:

​  1. Completed 32 hours of classroom, 7 driving sessions with instructor & 30 parent hours
  2. At least 16 years of age
  3. Held valid learner license (permit) for a minimum of 6 months & permit is not expired 
        (permit expires on 18th birthday and must be renewed before scheduling driving exam)
  4. Watched 2 hour Impact video required by the state.   SEE LINK & INSTRUCTIONS BELOW
  5. Pay $75 test fee on Payment page or bring to our office
  6. Schedule Driving Test with our office.  
  7. Driving tests are usually done on Thursdays. 

  $75 fee includes 2 driving tests if needed, test in our car, our insurance, fuel and forms for DPS

  Requirements to schedule driving test at our school if age 18 & OVER:
    1. Complete a driving school course or a 6 hour adult online course 
    2. Must have valid learner license (permit) issued by DPS
​    3. Watched 1 hour Impact Adult video required by the state.  
​    4. Pay $75 test fee on Payment page or bring to our office
    5. Schedule Driving Test with our office

REQUIREMENTS ON DAY OF DRIVING TEST (at our driving school):
 1. Parent/guardian signature & driver license number are required on or before day of driving test
 2. Must have permit and be on time for driving test 
     (check in with office at time of appointment).  
 3. A $40 fee will be charged for no shows.

 For DPS (after driving test): 
   1. Must make appointment at 
      (We can help you make an appt if you bring the last 4 digits of your SS#).
   2. Must have Permit 
   3. Completion packet (sealed yellow envelope) provided by Judson Driving School
   4. Social Security # 
   5. VOE form (verification of enrollment) from your high school if under age 18.
   6. DPS license fee ($16 if under 18, $33 if over 18 years old)

   How to view DPS ITTD video on distractions for driving test

  1. Go to httpss://

  2. If age 16 to 17, select Impact Texas Teen Drivers (blue). 
    If 18 & over, select Impact Texas Adult Drivers (green)

  3. Click on REGISTER & enter all your personal information

  4. Driver Education Type, select Driver Education School

  5. Enter TDLR number C1595

  6. Enter Student Learner License/Permit # (if under 18)
      Enter ADE or DE Certificate number or permit # (if 18 and over)
  7. Save information, watch video and print certificate (or forward the e-mail to           [email protected])

  8. Contact or email Judson Driving School to schedule driving test. 

Please note: if testing at DPS, Drivers Education completion certificate will be available in our office 
48 business hours after requested.