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                                                PROCEDURES AND POLICIES 

Students MUST BE ON TIME for Class. If a student is 5 minutes late they cannot be given credit for that hour per State Law.

During classroom: pen and paper (no spiral please) must be brought to class daily. All CELL PHONES need to be turned off and placed in the numbered box until class is over. STUDENTS CAN NOT USE THEIR CELL PHONE IN THE CLASSROOM or DURING IN-CAR LESSON. This means NO TEXTING! Refreshments are allowed in classroom during break only. BREAKS are 10 minutes each day. Snacks are sold in our office for your convenience. ALL COMPLETED CONTRACTS MUST BE TURNED IN BY the 3rd day of class. We will not be able to give the student credit for day 4 if contract has not been completed and turned into the office by Day 3.

CLASSROOM HOURS (32 hrs)  2 hours a day for 16 days. If a student is absent in excess of 5 days (10 hours) the class must be restarted with the next class that has AVAILABILITY. When a student misses less than 5 days, make-up work for the lesson missed can be done only on a day that the missed class is being offered by our school. All 32 hours must be completed within 6 months from first day of class.

Students will be removed from class who perform any of the following:
  • Disruptive behavior (including writing on/in books from the class without permission & if not dressing appropriately)
  • Smoking in front of the driving school (even if you are of legal age) or throwing cigarette butts on ground.
  • Driving a vehicle to our School to take a driver education course without a valid drivers license (we will also notify the local police)
  • Leaving trash, wrappers, cans or gum on ground or around tables and writing on the furniture.

PERMIT SLIP (DE-964):  1. Once student has attended the first three days of class, 2. PAID IN FULL 3. and passed Permit Test with a 70 or above, we will issue a DE-964 to obtain a driving permit at DPS. $20 fee for lost DE-964. You will receive instructions with DE-964 to schedule drives with our school. 

Department of Public Safety requires the following items from student in order to issue a driving permit. 
      1. DE-964 certificate from the driving school                               6. Parent or legal guardian
2. Certified copy of birth certificate                                              7. Proof of Residency (Take two bills in name of accompanying parent) 
       3. Social security card                                                                 8. At least $16 for Permits ($25 if 18 & over)
4. Glasses (if needed)                                                            9. Third form of ID: School ID, Military ID or Passport
5. VOE form from high school verifying enrollment for past semester (if under 18)  
 (If student is under 18 when they receive permit, he/she must hold and practice with permit for 6 months before becoming eligible to        test for drivers license.)  

DRIVING LESSONS  7 driving sessions with driving school instructor after student is issued permit from DPS and is registered on schedule2drive.com. New Schedules are posted every other Sunday at 9 pm. All 7 driving sessions must be SCHEDULED at least 7 days apart WITH THE SAME INSTRUCTOR. Student must BE AT THE DRIVING SCHOOL AT LEAST 10 MINUTES BEFORE DRIVING APPOINTMENT & WAIT AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PAST THE SCHEDULED DRIVING TIME to avoid a $40 charge. If office is open,please wait for your instructor inside the waiting area. If the driving school is closed, please wait for your instructor by the front door. DO NO STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE, INSTRUCTOR MUST SEE YOU AT TIME OF APPOINTMENT.  

$40 CHARGE WILL BE ACCRUED IF A STUDENT DOES NOT SHOW FOR A LESSON, IS LATE for a lesson has AN EXPIRED PERMIT, DOES NOT HAVE PERMIT WITH THEM and/or DOES NOT HAVE CORRECTIVE LENSES WHEN RESTRICTION APPLIES. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. NO SHOW fees must be paid in our office before a student can schedule any future lessons. Lesson may be cancelled at any time; however, a $40 cancellation fee will be charged for all cancellations within 24 hours of the originally scheduled lesson date and time. 

PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST ALSO PRACTICE DRIVING WITH STUDENT IN BETWEEN INSTRUCTOR DRIVING SESSIONS an additional 30 hours, per the state (at least 10 hours must be at night). If a student is not practicing at home in between driving school sessions and does not meet minimal standards after each lesson, the student will be deactivated and will not be able to schedule future driving appointments until student completes additional practice driving hours with parent/guardian. If a student finishes 7 lessons with the school and student does not meet minimum standards according to the driving instructor, a $50 fee will be charged for each additional lesson.

An average of 70 or above is required to pass the classroom and behind the wheel instruction. If a 70 average is not achieved in classroom, retaking some classes will be necessary to bring average to 70 or above, at no charge, if space is available. If a 70 is not achieved in the car, there will be a $50 fee for each additional in-car lesson until the student has averaged a 70 or above.

Students have 6 months from the 1st day of class to complete both classroom and behind-the-wheel to avoid an additional fee of $100.00 to re-contract. IF CLASS AND DRIVING INSTRUCTION IS NOT COMPLETE WITHIN the 6 months from the first day of your class or re-contract before the 6 months expires, student’s permit will be revoked and all credit for classroom and any completed driving lessons will be lost. This is a State Law not ours. It is NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify you when this time is up.

Once the student has completed all classroom and driving hours, is at least 16 and has had permit for 6 months, he/she will be eligible to test for the drivers license.  Please see 3rd Party Road Test for details.