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Judson Driving School is a Commercial Class C licensed and state certified driving school. We have been in business over 30 years with one location on S Seguin Rd and Gibbs Sprawl Rd. Judson Driving school is proud to say that we have over 150 years of combined drivers education and instruction experience.

We are state certified and follow all state guidelines. We are committed to each student's safety and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to keep them safe on the roads.

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday at 3 pm to 8 pm.

We can be reached by email at [email protected]

    Driver Education Checklist for Students 

      1. Classroom/Permit test (see Classes)

      2. Set appointment with DPS to get permit issued (see Texas Laws)

      3. Pick up Permit Certificate from our office, during business hours (see Contact)

      4. Get learner's permit issued at DPS ($16 if under age 18) (see dps.texas.gov)

      5. Create a schedule2drive.com account ($10 onetime fee)

      6. Meet driving instructor at our facility on time with valid permit

      7. Practice with parent/guardian in between driving lessons. The state requires at least         30 parent practice hours.

      8. Complete 32 classroom hours, 7 driving sessions and 30 parent practice hours (per         the state) within 9 months from the 1st day of class to avoid $100 recontract fee

      9. Watch the Texas required video on distractions (Impact) after your 7th driving         lesson is complete. Impact Certificate must be dated after last driving session.

      10. Schedule a driving test if course is complete, at least 16 years of age and held         permit for 6 months.

DE-964 (permit certificates for DPS) are available in our office during business hours

DPS requires the following to issue a permit:
a.DE-964 certificate (permit slip) from our school
b. Birth certificate 
c.Social security card
d.Third form of ID: School ID, Military ID, Insurance Card or Passport
e.Parent or legal guardian
f.Proof of Residency (take 2 bills & parent on bill must be present)
g.Permit fee at DPS ($16 if under 18, $33 if 18 & over)
h.Glasses (if needed)
i.Verification of Enrollment form (VOE) from your high school (if under 18)
   VOE is valid for 30 days or all summer. 

For students enrolled in our course, to create a schedule2drive account, click on Schedule2drive above.

New driving schedules are posted every other Sunday after 8 pm.
Due to fuel cost increase, effective 3/21/22 there will be $3 fuel fee for each driving lesson.

Student must meet the driving instructor at our facility at least 10 minutes before driving appointment. There will be a $40 NO SHOW FEE if the student is late, misses the appointment, does not have a valid permit, does not have lenses (if required) or is not able to drive for any reason.

Per the state of Texas, parents must PRACTICE an additional 30 hours of driving with their student. Parent practice may begin after student's first driving instruction with our school. All 30 practice hours with parent must be completed before last driving session with our school. At least 10 of these hours must be at night.

For DPS road exams please click on 3rd Party Road Test above and follow the instructions according to age.

Safety precautions: Face masks are optional in our driving school cars and in our facility. 

If you have any Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms, please contact us by phone or e-mail only.

We offer:
Driver Education Course (includes classroom & behind the wheel driving instruction in our school)

Adult Driving Instruction 

6 Hour State Certified Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program (included with teenage class)

DPS 3rd party driving exams for teenagers & adults (must provide ITTD certificate)
Driver's Education includes all the state requirements needed under the current laws.  Minimum age is 15 and must be completed within 9 months.
 Course Cost: $400
 fee at DPS for Permit: $16 (18 & under) $33 (over 18 yrs)
 Schedule2drive.com one time fee: $10
 Fuel Surcharge $21 ($3 per drive)

    Course Includes:

            32 Hours of Classroom Instruction-2 hours per day for 16 days

            7 Sessions of In-Car Instruction (with our state certified instructors in our car)

            DPS written permit test (administered at our facility after Day 3 of class)

Other possible fees:
 DE-964 replacement: $20
 No show fee: $40
 Re-contract fee $100
 extra driving lessons $50 per hour

 We administer the DPS permit test in our facility after day 3. If student is paid in full and passes the permit test, student   receives a permit certificate from our office to submit to DPS in order to obtain a learners permit.  
 Driving instruction with our state approved instructors begins after the student:

1. passes DPS written permit test

2. is paid in full and turned in the contract to our office

3. receives permit certificate (DE-964) from our office. Permit certificate may be picked up from our office during our current business hours.

4. is issued learners permit from DPS. Student must make an appointment with DPS to have permit issued (see instructions in the Texas Laws tab) 

5. registers on schedule2drive.com and pays the $10 fee to schedule driving appointments.

Parents must practice with the student after each driving instruction with us.

Students under 18 years of age, must hold permit for 6 months and complete drivers education before eligible to test for a drivers license.  If over 18, students are eligible to test for drivers license upon completion and passing of the course.  If a student turns 18 during the course, the permit must be renewed in order to complete the course.

            6 Hour state approved Drug & Alcohol Awareness Course
State Certified 6 hour course on Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program is 2 hours per day for three days. If your insurance company gives an extra discount for this course, you may purchase the certificate from our office for $20.

Our school is a member of Schedule2Drive online scheduling system to provide students and their parents an easy and convenient way to schedule driving lessons. Schedules are posted every other Sunday after 8 pm. Students must schedule all 7 lessons at least 7 days apart with the same Instructor and must be completed within 9 months from first day of classroom. 

As of Sept 1, 2013, per the State of Texas, PARENTS must complete 30 hours of practice driving with their child. At least 10 hours must be at night. Practice hours must be done in between driving instruction with our school. Students will not be allowed to schedule if not practicing at home. 
The student CANNOT receive completion papers or schedule their DPS test until we have proof of their completed hours.  Parent driving hours must be entered in Schedule2drive account before student's 7th driving lesson with Judson Driving School.

If a student started classroom March 1, 2020 to current, he/she has 9 months from the first day of classroom to complete Drivers Education to avoid $100 re-contract fee.

32 classroom hours and 7 driving sessions MUST be completed before requesting completion certificate. Please allow at least 72 business hours after submitting request. 

We are "Judson Driving School" (since 1983) and do not hold classes anywhere except at our location 103 S. Seguin Road across from River City Gymnastics and Cheerleading.

          (210) 658-0408