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What is the minimum age a student can start drivers education?
    The minimum age is 15

Who can take the 32 hour drivers education course?
    Anyone over the age of 15 without driving experience.

If the student has driving experience, do they need to take the 32 hour course?
    Yes, if the student is under age 18.  If the student is over 18, the state requires the 6 hour     Adult Driver Education course.

If age 18, can I just go to DPS to take the driving test?
    No, the state of Texas requires anyone under age 25 to complete 32 hour or 6 hour Driver     Education Course before taking a driving test.

What if the student missed a class?
    We will email make up options.

What if the student misses a driving appointment?
    There is a $40 fee for any missed driving sessions or if driving session is cancelled within     24 hours of appointment.

When are new schedules posted on schedule2drive.com?
    New schedules are posted every other Sunday after 8 PM. See your Message Board on     schedule2drive.com for new dates and important information.

What if the student does not complete the course within 6 months from the first day of class?
    A recontract must be submitted in order to continue the course without losing any hours     already completed.  The fee is $100 and gives the student an additional 6 months to     complete the course.

When is the student eligible to take the driving test?
    If under 18 years of age, must hold permit for 6 months, be at least 6 years old, completed     the drivers education course and watch Impact Video before testing.
    If 18 and over, must complete the drivers education course and watch the Impact Video          before testing.

What if I turn 18 before the drivers education course is completed?
    If the students turns 18 during the course, the permit must be renewed to complete the     drivers education course.