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        Schedule your driving appointments online on www.schedule2drive.com

1 You must have your permit issued by DPS. The following are required by DPS to issue your permit

      a. Certified copy of birth certificate                      e. DE-964 certificate (green slip) from Judson driving school
      b. Social security card                                         f. VOE form from your high school verifying enrollment for past semester
      c. Parent or legal guardian                                  g. Third form of ID: School ID, Military ID or Passport
      d. Proof of Residency (Take 2 bills &                  h. Take at least $16 (if 18 & over take $20)
      parent on bill must be present )                          i. Glasses (if needed)

2. Register for a Schedule 2 Drive account after permit is issued by DPS to start driving instruction.

  a) Go to www.schedule2drive.com and look for NEED An ACCOUNT
  b) Enter our school code C1595 and click GO or Step 2
  c) Enter all information required including 8 digit permit number (DL number located next to your picture), permit issue date,        birth date, parent/guardian name, home address and high school and click GO or Step 3. 
  d) Enter contact phone number(s), email addresses and select your communication preferences, click GO or Step 4.
  e) On Notification Settings, select how you would like to be notified and/or reminded for your driving appointment.
  f) Verify/Review the information you entered to ensure it is correct. 
  g) Under payment, select the PAY LATER and log out. DO NOT pay this fee. Judson Driving School will pay this fee on the           next business day.  

3. Please give us until next business day to activate your account, if entered correct 8 digit DL permit number, paid in full, and have not exceeded 6 months from 1st day of classroom.  

4. Login Instructions to Schedule Drives (After you registered & our office has activated your Schedule2Drive account)
    a. Go to www.schedule2drive.com. 
    b. In the Student Login box, select TX from the State drop-down menu.
    c. Enter your permit number and your date of birth.
Your HOME PAGE/MAIN MENU contains your deadline date, the date and time of your next lesson, the number of hours you have completed, any fees you owe, classroom missed days and a message board that contains important information. 
READ THE MESSAGE BOARD. Includes date of new schedules, scheduling restrictions, office hours, instructor vacation notifications, etc. New driving schedules are posted every other Sunday night at 9 pm.

5. How to Schedule a Lesson 
You must have a VALID PERMIT (cannot be expired). Permits expire on student’s 18th birthday. Also, you must be within 6 months of first day of class to schedule a drive.  Driving lessons must be a minimum of 7 days apart.
    a. Click on the Schedule Drives or Register for a Session link. 
    b. Select a date with Open Slots on the calendar. If the open link does not appear on a particular date, no lessons have         been scheduled for that date. If the word Full appears, all lessons have been filled.  
    c. Select the time you would like to drive under the selected date and Instructor. Remember your instructor’s name after the         first drive.  
    d. Click on the Next Step or Register button
    e. Verify that you have selected the same instructor, correct time and date and click on the Register for Drive or I’m         Done button.

STAY WITH THE SAME INSTRUCTOR. If you change Instructor’s and the new Instructor refuses to drive you there will be a $35 No Show Fee added your account. Each Instructor has their own students. If your Instructor is full or on vacation please contact our office at 20-658-0408. If you schedule with a different instructor, the office will cancel your appointment.

You must meet your driving instructor at the driving school. If driving school is open, please wait for your instructor inside the classroom. If the driving school is closed, please wait for your instructor by the front door. DO NOT STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. THE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR MUST SEE YOU AT TIME OF APPOINTMENT.

NO Show fee of $35 will be due if student misses a driving appointment, does not have permit for appointment, does not have a valid permit, cancels a drive within 24 hours of appointment time, and/or does not have lenses if required. All fees must be paid before scheduling future appointments.

Practice driving with your parents at home in between driving school lessons. A total of 30 parent hours must be complete by 7th lesson with our school instructor.

6 Months-Remember you have 180 days from the first day of class to finish all classroom, driving instruction and parent hours. 

Canceling a Lesson - Lesson may be cancelled at any time on your schedule 2 drive account; however, a $35 cancellation fee will be charged for all cancellations within 24 hours of the originally scheduled lesson date and time. 
To cancel a lesson, follow the steps below:
  a. If on computer, go to your home page, scroll to the bottom, click on the Cancel link next to the session you wish to cancel. 
  b. If on phone, go to View Scheduled Lessons, then Cancel Session button.  
PLEASE NOTE: A canceled drive will send alerts to all active students. We do not recommend scheduling when you receive alerts, as this appointment may not be with your instructor and/or be 7 days within your last or next driving appointment.

Editing Your User Profile  
From your home page, click on the User Profile link, select the Edit tab, edit your information and click the button.

Parents (Parent Log)
As of September 1, 2013 PARENTS MUST complete 30 hours of driving with their child IN BETWEEN LESSONS WITH THE DRIVING SCHOOL. At least 10 hours of the 30 must be at night. Only 1 hour per day counts towards the 30 hours. In your student’s Schedule2Drive account, go to Parent Log to enter and keep track of the hours you need to complete. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their recorded hours are correct according to these guidelines. All 30 parent hours must be completed before the student’s last (7th) driving session with the driving school.

Driving Test
Students are eligible to take the driving test after the student has completed both phases of Drivers Education, completed 30 Parent log hours, is at least 16 years old and has held permit for 6 months per restriction date on the back of the permit.  

Get answers to most frequently asked questions by clicking on FAQs link on your Home page/Main menu.