Judson Driving School (C1595) is a Commercial Class C licensed and state certified driving school. We have been in business over 30 years with one location on S Seguin Rd and Gibbs Sprawl Rd. Judson Driving school is proud to say that we have over 150 years of combined drivers education and instruction experience. We are state certified and follow all state guidelines. We are committed to each student's safety and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to keep them safe on the roads.

We offer:

Driver Education Course (min age 15)
The course includes;
            32 hours of classroom, (online, on your time, must complete within 6 months)
            Permit test (taken after the first 6 hours of classroom)
            Permit Certificate from our office for DPS
            7 Driving sessions with our state certified driving instructors AFTER permit is issued by DPS.

   Checklist for the Course 
   1. Register for the course 

    2. Set appointment with DPS to get permit issued (see DPS/Texas Laws) 
        PLEASE NOTE: Most locations are booked at least for 3 months.

    3. Make min $100 payment to start classroom hours.

    4. Complete online classroom hours and take online Permit test within 6 months of start date

    5. Pick up Permit Certificate (DE-964) from our office, during business hours (see Contact)  

    6. Request Verification of Enrollment (VOE) from high school attendance office (if under 18 yrs)

   *7. Get learner's permit issued at DPS with appointment ($16 fee if under age 18)

    8. Create a schedule2drive.com account AFTER permit is issued by DPS, to schedule driving lessons with our state certified             instructors

     9. Meet driving instructor at our facility, on time with valid permit for driving lesson to avoid $40 no show fee

    10. Practice with parent/guardian after and in between each driving lesson. The state requires at least 30 parent         practice hours

    11. Complete 32 classroom hours7 driving sessions and 30 parent practice hours within 6 months to avoid     additional fees

    12. Watch Impact video and schedule driving test. (see 3rd Party Road Test for details)

*DPS requires the following to issue a permit:
a.    DE-964 certificate (permit slip) from our school
b.    Birth certificate 
c.    Social security card
d.    Third form of ID: School ID, Military ID, Insurance Card or Passport
e.    Parent or legal guardian
f.     Proof of Residency (take 2 bills & parent on bill must be present)
g.    Permit fee at DPS ($16 if under 18, $33 if 18 & over)
h.    Glasses (if needed)
i.     Verification of Enrollment form (VOE) from your high school OR high school diploma (if under 18) 
       VOE is valid for 30 days (valid all summer if obtained at the end of the school year)

Students under age 18, must hold the permit for at least 6 months.
If the student turns 18 during the course, the permit must be renewed at DPS in order to complete the course.
The state of Texas requires all students to have at least 30 parent practice hours.

Driving Instruction Only (for under age 18, if Parent Taught or other online course)
Includes 7 driving sessions, if student completed 32 hours of online classroom with another school or a Parent Taught program. The student must provide the permit and classroom completion certificate to begin driving lessons with our state certified instructors.

6 Hour Adult Course 
​6 hour online class for adults 18 and over, to obtain a leaner's permit. 

Adult Driving Lessons
For adults 18 & over with a valid learners license/permit.
Minimum 2 hours per day in our car with our state certified instructor

3rd Party Road Test (in our car with our school)
If student completed the course, watched Impact video, is at least 16 years old and held the permit at least 6 months.

For the adults, must have a valid permit and watched the Impact video.

To enroll in one of the above, please click REGISTER on the menu above.

            CONTACT US AT
 [email protected]
            (210) 658-0408