Our driving school is your best source for a professional Teenage Driver Education Course,  Six Hour State Approved Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program, DPS written and driving exam, and Adult Education Behind the Wheel.

We are a commercial class C licensed driving school and accept all students.
Established in 1983, we have over a decade of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.  Our goal is to be  able to provide your child with the knowledge and experience of operating a vehicle safely. With a combined effort from the driving instructor and the parents your child should receive a lot of practice behind-the-wheel before obtaining their driver's license.

Our Instructor's take our profession seriously, because we know this is the most important class your children will ever take. 

"It's just like anything in life, the more practice the better you are."

The following is a list of our Staff:

School Director:
Chad E Norman

Assistant School Director:
Ana Alejandro-Norman

Classroom Instructors:
Cecil J Kelley
Vincent P. Wittig

In-Car Instructors:
Chad Norman
Mike Alejandro
Gilbert Sanchez
Vincent P Wittig
Eunice Bacani
Bradley Walker
William Gregory Moore

We still take our students on the highway and downtown. They need all the experience they can get. With the new law starting on September 1, 2013, all Parents have to give their child an additional 30 hours of driving instead of 20 hours. The 30 hours consist of 20 daytime hours and 10 night time hours and only one hour per day counts. Parents will be able to log in on Schedule2Drive to record their hours and print this out to give to the Department of Public Safety. If you click on Texas Education Standard located in the second paragraph in blue that is underlined it is your guideline to follow. By following their guideline you will save time by not being turned away and having to return with your printout corrected.
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